Who created the Travel Sleeper

The Travel Sleeper was created by Margaret Cook and Marion (Butch) MacCuaig as their wasn’t a good option for support pillows for travel.

Sounder sleep while traveling

The travel sleeper is a new innovative way to sleep comfortably and conveniently while traveling on an airplane.

The travel sleeper is the support pillow that is bringing a new and innovative way to sleep comfortably and conveniently while traveling.

The Travel Sleeper is a product spawned by both the imagination and intellect of Margaret Cook and the hardworking entrepreneurial partner Marion (Butch) MacCuaig.

The thought and inspiration of the Travel Sleeper was brought on by what all of us have experienced while travelling and trying to catch up on very much needed sleep. Anyone who has ever traveled on long trips is clearly reminded of the awkwardness of trying to get comfortable, whether it is on a plane, train, or bus. Think of all of the uncomfortable positions we put ourselves in. The kinked necks, the terribly sore backs and not to mention the drool that you are hoping no one saw. Then there are those times when your spouse or travelling companion falls asleep on you and you can’t move or get into a comfortable resting position either, an incredible nightmare that can now be easily avoided with the wonderfully innovative Travel Sleeper.


The travel sleeper is a comfortable face pillow with a convenient stand that allows you to sleep while sitting up. This support pillow is compact enough that you will be able to sleep while seated without having to lean sideways or recline your chair. This product is lightweight and easy to carry which makes for convenient storing and set up. It includes adjustable bars to raise the pillow to a position that suits each individual’s needs as well as a comfortable and adjustable face pillow. The best part about this product is that it allows you to rest in your own space without inconveniencing others and is a sound relaxing sleep for you to feel well rested after your journey. You can rest while reading a book and fall soundly to sleep without getting a sore neck.  Simply put, the Travel Sleeper is the best support pillow for neck pain!


The travel sleeper is a great way to ease the pain of arthritis in the neck as you no longer have to worry about your head falling backwards while you are asleep.  It is the support pillow that works for you while supporting your head in a comfortable and sturdy position.

With only a dream and a lot of hard work, anything can be done.
Now the whole world can enjoy a product they never had before. Our travel support pillow can be used on airplane, train, bus and even a car.


The Founders

Margaret was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland until her early teens when financial hardships and prospects of better employment compelled her family to move to the United States in the mid 70’s.

While most of her family ended up moving back to Scotland, Margaret stayed. She started a family of her own and began a career in the collection industry until her retirement in 2013. Throughout her life she has travelled annually to be with her family in Scotland. In 2006, Margaret’s mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. During that time Margaret travelled back and forth six times until her mother passed away in 2007. She continues to fly to Scotland twice a year to visit her surviving Father and siblings.

Margaret lives in Washington State with her husband Harding and three grown children. When not working on the Travel Sleeper, she divides her time between family, spending time outdoors with her dogs, and making frequent trips to vacation in Arizona. This travel sleeper has brought her tremendous comfort that she once only dreamed possible and now she is hoping to share this comfort with others.

Margaret Cook

The Founder

Marion (Butch) MacCuaig was born in Spokane, Washington and moved to Tacoma, Washington at the age of three. Marion has two grown daughters and is a proud Grandpa of two grandchildren.

Marion worked 36 years as a plumber and retired in 1997. After his retirement Marion continued on as an entrepreneur and inventor holding many successful patents. In 2014 he was on the cover of Live Magazine, they titled him ‘The man of imagination’ and asking the question…’Does his mind ever stop’. He has invented several products that have been on the market for over ten years and can be found in magazines, QVC and also sold at home shows as well as the National Hardware show.

Marion now resides in Palm Desert, California and loves to spend time with family. He is an avid car collector and still really enjoys the sport baseball, in which at the age of 60 he won the Bronze Medal in the World Senior Games in St. George, Utah. However with all that going on, his passion of thinking of new ideas and concepts to enhance the lives of others never seems to stop.

Marion (Butch) MacCuaig

The Founders