Given the nature of our fast-paced world, many of us are traveling more than ever. Whether for business, pleasure or just a spontaneous getaway, it’s not uncommon for us to find ourselves aboard an airplane – in some cases for long flights.

While we are grateful for the speedy convenience of modern air travel, we’re still creatures of comfort and one thing everyone loves to do on long flights is sleep (especially when jet lag may rear its ugly head upon arrival).

But the airplane cabin isn’t exactly similar to our bedroom at home, and the seat is far from a bed – so how do we get great sleep on a long airplane flight?

The recipe for peaceful sleep on an airplane (or any form of long haul travel) isn’t as simple as you might think. It’s rather difficult to create a similar setting as you enjoy in your own bed. Lying down, for example, is usually out of the question. So we have to make due with sleeping in our seats (or reclining at best).

As for the rest of the formula, what do we really need to get a good sleep on a long flight?

Firstly – the no brainer essential item is a Travel Pillow. But you can’t expect to get much more than a few winks if you just bring any old pillow on the plane.

Since we’re limited in how we can recreate our most optimal sleeping situation on an airplane, the travel pillow becomes a major asset – It has to really do a lot of things – and do them well.

So let’s look at exactly what a good travel sleeper pillow has to accomplish in order for us to get a great, restful sleep on a long plane flight:

  • Comfort is crucial
  • The pillow has to stay in place
  • The pillow must provide neck support
  • Everything must be flexible and adjustable yet easy to use
  • We don’t want our sleeping to disturb or distract traveling companions
  • It has to do all of the above while remaining compact and light weight

Remember – just because a pillow may ‘somewhat’ accomplish these things, doesn’t make it the best travel sleeper pillow. The right pillow has to pull off this carefully crafted recipe for comfort with great consistency.

There’s really only one pillow that meets these criteria – The TravelSleeper pillow. Check out the demo video and see why this is the best Travel Pillow for long airplane flights – or any type of trip. Otherwise, get a TravelSleeper right now and never lose another moment of precious sleep on long haul travel trips again!