One of the most popular questions we receive is: “Can I take my Travel Sleeper through TSA Security?”  The simple answer is YES, but we decided to document a recent trip we were on.  We all know the weird rules that TSA has as to what you can and can’t take on an airplane.  Small bottles of shampoo…….nope, but there is no issue when taking on a Travel Sleeper.  The Travel Sleeper comes in a nicely packed container and fits easily into the tray bins that go through the scanner.  T-2

On a recent trip to Las Vegas to visit a popular convention, we of course brought along our travel sleepers.  There was absolutely no issue taking our travel pillows with us.  Just like everyone else, we removed all metal objects from our pockets, removed our shoes, packed our carry on items in the trays, and made our way through the scanners.  We would like to say that this is an exciting tale, but really we just went right through TSA security and made our way to our gate.  When you purchase a travel sleeper, you can take it through any airport security and right to your flight where a peaceful sleep or rest awaits. IMG_1462 (3)

Waiting in the Terminal

Anyone who has traveled knows that is can be an all day event.  You wait to check in, you wait to go through security, then you wait in the terminal for your plane to arrive and unload.  The Travel Sleeper gives you access to a comfortable support pillow wherever you are.

On our recent trip to Las Vegas, and while waiting for our plane, I decided to take a quick rest.  As you can see in the picture, I was able to take a quick nap while not laying down on the floor lying across multiple seats.  The Travel Sleeper is the travel pillow that not only makes your flight more comfortable, but does so without interfering with other passengers.

Best Travel Pillow on an Airplane

Forget neck support pillows or gadgets like the Ostrich Pillow which makes you look like an alien.  The Travel Sleeper takes advantage of how airplane seats are setup and positioned, and allows you to get the best rest possible for the situation.  Once we were on our flight, we setup our Travel Sleeper travel pillow to comfortably read and then take a nap.  The Travel Sleeper allows you to lean forward with plenty of neck and face support.  Think about how comfy you are when you get a chair massage.  You lean forward into the face pillow and are completely comfortable.  The Travel Sleeper allows for the same setup to get the best rest possible.  Buying a Travel Sleeper is a no-brainer, and makes your travel experience much more relaxing.  Buy the best Travel Pillow on the market today!

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